Obduction: HTC Vive Players Are Not Going To Be Happy

In case you did not notice, Obduction was also launched this week. All the hype of Deus Ex might have overshadowed Obduction which is a pity since the game does look pretty awesome.

Players that have played the past game, Myst by the same developer would notice the similarities between these games and that is actually good news for most of us. Players that have tried out the game have all come back with positive reviews. Most players seem to think that it is slightly easier than Myst but still as fun.

The new Obduction game will be released on PC, Mac as well as Rift which means it will support VR play. There is not mention of an HTC Vive VR support so Vive players might feel a little left out here.

Check out the new launch trailer for the game below.


Steven Estevez

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