Nintendo Switch: Xbox One Scorpio Got The Upperhand

We know that the Nintendo Switch will not come cheap, in fact, it has been suggested that the console will cost as much as the standard Xbox One and PS4 which means it will need to have an impressive list of games to convince the consumers that it is worth getting.

We know that Square Enix is working on bringing their Final Fantasy XV to the newer console and some fans were hoping that that would mean that the Nintendo Switch will be getting the update was well but according to Hajime Tabata, the Nintendo Switch will not be getting their Final Fantasy XV game after all.

He added that they are now focused on bringing the game to the Xbox One Scorpio when it arrives since making it into a Xbox One Scorpio game is certainly easier than making the game run on a totally new hardware.

They are also trying to figure out how to bring the game over to the Playstation 4 Pro. As for the PC, we got the feeling that they might be one the same boat as the Nintendo Switch. Protection Status