Nintendo Switch: How Much Will You Actually Spend

We all know now that the new Nintendo Switch console will retail for $299 but that probably not the only amount you will spend if you want to enjoy the full experience.

Besides announcing the new Nintendo Switch console, Nintendo also talked about the accessories that the Nintendo Switch will be coming in along with the price of the accessories.

The most popular accessories will most likely be the Joy-Con controllers. There will be three color options including gray, red and blue. With the wrist strap, the controllers will cost $80. Customers can choose to mix and match the colors. If you don’t need a pair and only want one, the single controller will cost $50. If you want to step it up and get the Pro controller, it will be $70 each.

Then there is the charging grip for the controller which will cost $30. If you need an additional dock, that will cost you an additional $90. The Steering wheel accessory will cost $14.99. Protection Status