Nintendo Switch: Games To Look Out For

Nintendo has learned their lesson with the Wii U console as it seems like they are trying to make sure they have a solid list of games for the Nintendo Switch console before they announce it. While we still do not have a full list yet, they have been enough announcements and leaks to give us a rough idea of what to expect when the Nintendo Switch finally arrives.

One of the most anticipated game for the Nintendo Switch console would probably be Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Fans have been waiting for the game ever since the Wii U console was release but Nintendo failed to deliver. They have now promised to deliver it with the Nintendo Switch console and we can’t wait to see what the games in store for us.

Another game to look forward to would be the Beyond Good & Evil 2. Fans have been waiting for the sequel for a long time now and it is now believed that it could be arriving as a Switch exclusive for a year. This should help get Nintendo the attention they need.

We would also like to add in Dragon Quest XI but at this point, we are not sure if Nintendo will be releasing it here in North America or not. Protection Status