Nintendo NX Confirms Name – Gets Official Trailer

Well, the Nintendo console that we were all waiting for is no longer called the Nintendo NX. Instead, the console that we will be getting is called the Switch and it is amazing.

Nintendo reveals the new console with an official trailer giving us an idea of how the console would work. Just like what the past reports has suggested, the new Switch will be hybrid console which means it can be used as a console as well as a handheld device so that you can have the best of both worlds with one device.

The controls beside the device can be detached and merge together to become a standard control for the console. The controller and also be used independently as an extra controller for 2 player games but does that mean that each player will have to own one to play the 2 players game?

All we need now is a solid list of games and we think the Switch could be a huge success.

Steven Estevez

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