New Smash Bros. Embraces The Legend of Zelda

We all know one of the most fun things about Super Smash Brothers has always been pulling together the weapons and items of various games and throwing them around in the ring. Well it seems Zelda is getting some special attention in this department, as there is a wide variety of confirmed items from the acclaimed series making an appearance in the newest Smash Bros. games.

Probably the funniest of these items is the Cucco, and if you’ve ever beaten one of these little guys up in a Zelda game you can probably guess what this item does. By throwing it at an opponent, you unleash the fury of the Cuccos, and not only the opponent who was hit, but anyone close by takes the brunt of their aggression.

Along with Cuccos it has also been confirmed that Bombchus, Beetles, Gust Bellows and Bottled Fairies are all going to make an appearance in the game, showing great diversity between different games in the series being represented.

We also know of two different assist trophies confirmed from the series. Both the Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask and Midna from Twighlight Princess are confirmed to be in the game. The Skull Kid has the ability to flip the camera upside down to disorient players, which is a bit of a letdown considering he has the ability to drop moons on villages. However, Midna’s trophy is much more satisfying, as she floats from place to place on the map grabbing enemies and throwing them around.

We can expect to see even more Zelda in the new Smash Bros. through different maps and possibly even more items. Although I’m still wondering if we’ll see Ganondorf rejoin the fight before the game’s release. Protection Status