NBA 2K15 Mobile Version: New Locker Codes Unveiled

There is no doubting the fact that NBA 2K15 is the best basketball video game in history. The title was rolled out last month across all platforms and now, it is also available on the Android and iOS mobile system.

2K launched the NBA 2K15 mobile app yesterday and it comes with many great contents to offer. Aside from being able to scout for ballers, players can also remotely manage their career on the app. The launching of NBA 2K15 mobile also brought along new Locker Codes for players to tap on.

2K shared that players can key in “PINKARISTOTLE” and it will unlock Shaquille O’Neal. In addition to that, players can key in “2KCYBERMONDAY” and get rewarded with 10,000 VC Points. Both codes have to be applied on the mobile app and the rewards will appear in NBA 2K15 on the consoles and PC.

Of course, the biggest prize here is the free VC Points since players can utilize the reward to purchase stats and unlocks in their NBA 2K15 careers. On the downside of things, it is unsure on how long will the Locker Codes remains active so it is best for players to claim their rewards fast.


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