NBA 2K15 Mobile Version Comes With Rewards

2K became the centre of attention yesterday when they launched NBA 2K15 on the iOS and Android platforms. The mobile application is confirmed to be more than just a game after 2K revealed that it also acts as a companion for NBA 2K15 players on the console.

Of course, the launching didn’t come empty handed. 2K also let out more new Locker Codes for NBA 2K15 players to indulge on. The Locker Codes can only be used once in NBA 2K15 and it rewards players with new unlock and free VC Points.

In detail, players can key in “PINKARISTOTLE” to unlock Shaquille O’Neal as a playable character. Also, players can key in “2KCYBERMONDAY” to enjoy 10,000 VC Points.

On the downside of things, 2K failed to clarify on whether the Locker Codes are a timed exclusive reward or not. With that being said, it is wise for NBA 2K15 players to anticipate the Locker Codes quickly if they wish not to lose out on this free treat.


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