NBA 2K15 Free Locker Codes Released With Bug Fix

NBA 2K15 has received an update across all platforms and it fixes the many issues in the game that includes bugs and glitches. Furthermore, the update ensured a smoother gameplay experience and also some graphical improvements.

In detail, the Face Scan mechanism has been updated to be more precise, player characters model are more life-liked, new jerseys added for Atlanta Hawks and passes now work more fluidly.

The ultimate basketball treat does not end here. 2K also went public last night to launch the NBA 2K15 mobile application that can be utilized to manage the player’s career. In conjunction to that, the game developer released new Locker Codes for the NBA 2K15 players.

Players can simply head down to the Locker Codes option in the game and key in ‘PINKARISTOTLE’ or ‘2KCYBERMONDAY’. The former will unlock Shaquille O’Neal while the latter reward players with 10,000 VC Points.

It is unsure on why 2K is in such great giveaway mood right now but it is best for players to anticipate the rewards fast. 2K concluded by promising more fixes and rewards coming around the Christmas period.