Naughty Dog’s New Game: Last Of Us 2, New Crash Bandicoot?

Naughty Dog produced some of the best titles on the PS3. The games aren’t just fun to play, it’s like playing a movie. Few games can give you an experience like that.

From Uncharted to The Last of Us, they’ve produced big titles and this week they announced a new game is in development. While nothing has been confirmed about the title, it leaves the question as to what it could be. We already know that Uncharted 4 is in development so that’s out of the question.

It could be a sequel to the Last of Us, which would be a welcome title. It also could be a revival of an older franchise like Jak and Daxter or Crash Bandicoot. It could even be a completely new title.

It was stated that the game was on the same scale of Uncharted. We might hear some new info at E3 but it’s doubtful. I have high hopes for this new title and hope to see something soon. Protection Status