Motorola Droid Turbo Android 5.0 Review

One owner of the Droid Turbo has reported receiving the update to Android 5 on their handset and said that it is the stock Verizon OTA update that is going to ship out to consumers. But is the update any good and what does it bring to the Turbo?

What is nice about the Android 5 update for the Droid Turbo is that the UI is very much faster than it was. This applies to such as viewing photos and loading apps. This is something that hasn’t really been seen in the past with Android updates.

The user interface is great looking but the UX is a downgrade and often you may find yourself having to turn to Google search to find out how to do certain things. Smart Lock for instance is confusing; this allows the device to be unlocked when you are at home. There is no clear explanation of how this works or how it’s activated unless you do a web search.

The battery life is around the same on the Droid Turbo running Android 5, but of course the handset is well known for its superior battery life and you can typically get a few days out of the device before having to recharge.

There is a slight lag when using the Smart Lock, however this is only a couple of seconds, but it is slightly annoying as you might not think you hit the button and do it again and touch the lock icon and this means the handset will lock again.

So overall the update to Android 5 for the Droid Turbo is working well on the device. The battery may be improved a little, the appearance is good, there is a new keyboard that’s good and the device is smoother.

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