Minecraft Xbox 360 TU18: Kicking Off The New Year Brightly

4J Studio has made it clear that they are currently producing TU18 for Minecraft on the Xbox 360. Earlier today, the game developer shared a screenshot of TU18 and it reveals a new major content coming to the highly successful open-world sandbox game.

Upon viewing the screenshot, players should be able to see an average Minecraft world that has got its skies lightened by the exploding fireworks. In conjunction to that, 4J Studio shared that the fireworks addition will allow players to prepare for the 2015 New Year, happening in less than a month’s time.

The company added that players are required to harness as much gunpowder as possible. Then, they will need a special ingredient like a golden nugget to determine the shape of the firework. For the latter, it will be a star-shaped explosion. As for the gunpowder, the more of it used will cause the fireworks to fly higher and enhance the size of the explosion.

Of course, 4J Studio failed to share on when TU18 will be released. By way of common sense, players can expect the update to arrive on Minecraft for Xbox 360 sometime next week. After all, there won’t be enough time to prepare the fireworks if the update is rolled out any time later than that.