Minecraft Xbox 360 Exclusive Update Detailed

The highly anticipated TU18 and 19 update has finally arrived on the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft and today, we are going to share the details of the newly added content.

For starters, TU18 and 19 addresses the bugs and glitches in Minecraft like the glass rendering issue, camera reset bug, Save & Exit issue, the problem where players get chunks and improvement to the way chunks are sent out to the Minecraft server.

Aside from that, TU18 and 19 adds in tons of new items like beacon, lead, horse armour, horse spawn egg, hopper, fireworks and hay bale. In addition to that, new mobs such as witches, bats, horses, new skeletons, mules and even donkeys are also introduced in the content update.

On a final note, game developer 4J Studio introduced a new Tutorial World in Minecraft on the Xbox 360. In it, players can nurture themselves on the new contents while also participate in new quests.

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