Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Insults MacBook Once More

It looks like Microsoft has no intention of letting Apple go. We were all amused when they poke fun of Apple and their iPad Pro and now they are taking another swipe at Apple but this time, the target is the Apple MacBook.

We all know that Apple has been taking their own sweet time with the Apple MacBook upgrades and Microsoft is taking advantage of that by pointing out how slow and less useful the Macbooks are becoming.

Of course, it would be a Microsoft ad if they did not praise one of their devices. After hurling a few insults towards Apple, Microsoft continues to point out how perfect their Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is with its light design and new upgrades.

While we do agree that the Surface Pro 4 is a great device, we still do not think that it can actually replace a MacBook just yet. Well, at least the ad was entertaining enough. Check out the ad below.

Steven Estevez

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