Microsoft Surface Pro 4: 2 More Months To Go?

We are hearing that it could be September before we see the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 make its arrival on the market.

It has been rumoured that Microsoft will be including the Skylake processors from Intel in the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and these are going to be launched in August. This may mean that Microsoft will reveal the new Surface after this time.

Intel said that the Skylake processor is going to have an edge over the Broadwell processor and this is what is expected to arrive in the Macbooks to come. At the moment the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is on discount at $150 and this leads us to believe that they are trying to clear the shelves to make way for the arrival of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Microsoft will be launching the Windows 10 OS on 29 July and it is thought that they will also reveal the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at the same time. It is expected to arrive with 128GB, 256GB or 500GB of memory and be offered in 12 and 14 inch displays with 2k pixel resolution.

We have also heard that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will have a stylus along with a new Type C USB port and it could have 16GB of RAM. Rumours also suggest that it will be compatible with the Holo Lens VR too and it could have two cameras. The camera on the front is thought to be 3.5 megapixel and the one on the back could be an 8 megapixel.

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