Microsoft Lumia 950 XL: Can’t Get It All Right

Some people seems to swear that the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL is the best smartphone that they have ever used but not everything is as perfect as it seems.

Most people would say that things started out rocky for the Lumia 950 XL as Microsoft was still working on patch up the device as well as the operating system. Although most people seems to agree that things got a whole lot better for them after all the upgrades, not everybody is satisfied with what the 950 XL is right now.

Some users have reported that even after all the upgrades, their device is still plagued with problems. One of the main problems that people seems to be having with the 950 XL is the battery. Some claim that the device has a short battery life while other reported that their device would something shut down. The only way to get it back on is to remove the battery, put in back in and turn it on.

Anybody else having a problem with the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL?

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