Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered: What Fans Want?

Mass Effect fans shouldn’t be surprised if Bioware is to release a remake of the entire first trilogy, prior to launching Mass Effect 4. This was further hinted to happen when the game developer went on Facebook to seek some feedback for the tentatively titled, Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered.

The survey came out to the surprise of many but it didn’t take long for the fans to spam the comments with their desires for the game. Apparently, every fan claims that they would love Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered if the game is released with all the DLCs included.

In addition to that, fans are hoping for better graphics with Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered since the game is going to make its debut on both the Xbox One and PS4.

Both demands are not impossible for Bioware to comply with but the game developer cooled down the hype by making no promises on the development of Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered.