Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered: DLCs & Graphic Needs Attention

Most Mass Effect fans have forgotten about the possibility for Bioware to re-create the first Mass Effect trilogy due to the strong anticipation for Mass Effect 4. Well, the fans were reminded of this when the game developer suddenly question them on what they wish to see in Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered.

The question was raised on Facebook and it didn’t take long for the fans to give their 2 cents on the subject. The first cent calls for Bioware to create Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered that is inclusive with all the DLCs. The second cent simply requests for Bioware to perform graphic balancing for each and every Mass Effect title that is compiled in the trilogy remake.

When Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered gets released, it is obviously going to make its debut on both the Xbox One and PS4. Unfortunately, however, Bioware played down the hype by claiming that they have yet to make any confirmations on the game’s production. Even so, Bioware knows that there is no better way to start on Mass Effect 4 than through playing Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered. Protection Status