Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Not Be Hoping On The Switch Train

It does seem like a lot of new and popular games are ready to hop on the Nintendo Switch train when it finally arrives next year but one game will not be making its way to the new Nintendo console, Mass Effect: Andromeda.

According to Micheal Gamble, BioWare’s Producer, the reveal that they do not plan to offer the game on Switch right now but he also added that they “never want to close that door” and hinted that if people keep asking for it when the Nintendo Switch arrive, they might consider it.

Besides talking about the game’s future on the Nintendo Switch, he also reveals a little more about the new 3D Galaxy that the game will feature. He reveals that the if players were to look up the windscreen of the Tempest, they would be able to see that view change based on the position they are in.

The new Mass Effect: Andromeda game will be release early this year on the Playstation 4, Xbox one and PC. Protection Status