Mass Effect 4: Multiplayer Online Mode Confirmed

Despite the fact that both the Mass Effect series and Dragon Age series share a lot of common grounds, Bioware has reiterated that Mass Effect 4 is going to be completely different to Dragon Age Inquisition.

The upcoming title is currently in development and we feel that Bioware is being contradictive at the moment. This is after the game developer announced recently that Mass Effect 4 is going to come with an online multiplayer mode. Like how it is in Dragon Age Inquisition, the online mode will be offered separately and it will not affect the single player mode.

The thing is that Dragon Age Inquisition has already come out with such a feature and Bioware dared to claim that Mass Effect 4 is going to be totally different.

Yes, both Mass Effect and Dragon Age are two different series as the former is based on a sci-fi universe while the latter is based on fantasy. Regardless, they both offer a deep choice-making plot and similar gameplay experience. This is why we don’t think Mass Effect 4 is going to be really new. Protection Status