Mass Effect 4 Andromeda: Paragon & Renegade Issues

The Paragon/Renegade system in Mass Effect games is ridiculous, but what do you think about Mass Effect 4 Andromeda?

Fans have said that the games are imbalanced and that there are virtually no benefits to undertaking a Renegade walkthrough in Mass Effect 4 Andromeda. An example of Mass Effect 2 was given in that when you delete the data of Maelon Eve will die in Mass Effect 3. This doesn’t really make any sense and perhaps the opposite should happen?

So with Mass Effect 4 Andromeda perhaps there should be better reasons for playing as Renegade?

It seems that at the moment when playing as renegade there are far more drawbacks than there are benefits. The extremes should perhaps be toned down. Mass Effect 4 Andromeda should be fun and it shouldn’t be a social commentary. It should be just part of the game be a message. At the moment renegade is virtually pointless as it has consequences.

So do you think that the Renegade/Paragon system in Mass Effect 4 is going to be pointless?

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