Mario Will Be The Newest Member In Minecraft

Mario and Minecraft fans will be happy to know that Mario will be making his way to the Minecraft universe and he will not be alone.

Nintendo and Microsoft came together to come out with one of the best mash-up we have seen in a while. Nintendo announces that the Super Mario Franchise and Minecraft will come together this summer. They also release a new trailer and a few screenshots of the pack.

Based on that, we know that Mario, Luigi, Princess Peaches and the other Super Mario characters will be making their way to the Minecraft universe. As if that is not amazing enough, the pack will also come with 15 popular Super Mario music from the Super Mario 64.

The Super Mario Mash-UP pack will be arriving on the 17th of May. The best part of it all is what the update will be free. Check out the trailer here.

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