LG V20 Will Be An Audiophile’s Dream

After the disappointing LG G5, we can’t wait to see what LG has to offer on their LG V20 this year. We have been getting a few details here and there but the latest news could be the most exciting one yet.

LG have been dropping hints here and there showing us what the new LG V20 could be offering and now, they have hinted that the LG V20 might come with Bang & Olufsen headphone.

LG announced that they will be partnering up with Bang & Olufsen and added that all their LG V20 will be shipped with the headphones. Of course, we still do not know which model it is but even the cheapest Bang and Olufsen headphones are worth $150.

We don’t know of this will affect the retail price of the device or not. The LG V20 will be announced on the 6th of September this year.


Steven Estevez

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