LG G Flex 3: 2017 Will Be Better?

2016 was definitely not a good year for those waiting for the LG G Flex 3. We assumed that the new LG G Flex 3 was going to be announced alongside the LG V20 but no Flex 3 was seen.

While some people believe that LG might have canceled off the LG G Flex 3 in favor of the new LG V20, other think that LG just needed a little more time to get the LG G Flex 3 right before they release it.

While the first device was a huge success, the LG G Flex 2 was not. The fans were not happy when LG decided to reduce the display size. Fans are hoping that if there is ever going to be an LG G Flex 3, it will come with a larger display.

We do not know what LG has planned for the Flex Series but some people believe that LG will announce it at the CES 2017 next year. How many of you are actually still waiting for the LG G Flex 3?


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