iPhone 6s Puts Apple In A Tight Spot

The Apple iPhone 7 might be doing great but the older Apple iPhone 6s is not. According to reports, an issue with the Apple iPhone 6s will force Apple to recall some of their models and that might put the smartphone manufacturer in a tight spot.

It is believed that some Apple iPhone 6s will unexpectedly shut down on its own and now it has been reported that the issue has stretched all the way to UAE. Apple has addressed the issue by saying that only a limited amount of device will be affected and that the issue is not a safety issue. Apple is also offering their customers a free battery replacement if their serial number is on the list.

We do not know if Apple is trying to downplay the situation or not but we do know that there is close to 90,000 unit of iPhone 6s in that region now and if Apple issues a recall, they could lose as much as $7miilion.

This issue is not as bad as what Samsung had but it is still inconvenience for those with the problematic smartphone.

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