Half Life 3 To Debut In August?

August 28. That is the date which might see the arrival of Half Life 3 and it was predicted by Baba Vanga. The gifted elderly lady who is famous for her premonitions had just received a vision that saw a third major sequel to a highly popular gaming franchise creating a global craze on August 28.

While Baba Vanga didn’t go into detail like mentioning the name of the game, there is no doubt that she was referring to Half Life 3. This is because there is no other gaming franchise that is more popular and more capable of creating a global craze than Half Life and Half Life 3.

It is also important to note that Baba Vanga was spot on with her vision of the 1998 stock market crash and the 9/11 terror attack. As such, it is best not to take this premonition lightly and wait till August 28 to see what happens.

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