Half Life 3 Steam Database Leak Confirms It All

Yesterday, Half Life fans became the loudest bunch of people on the internet and this cannot be helped as they have finally received confirmation on Half Life 3. However, the confirmation wasn’t officially announced as it came in the form of a leak by Valve.

In detail, Valve-owned Steam platform was update yesterday and it saw the addition of App 323900. The special thing about this app is that it comes with Half Life 3’s logo. Since Steam is fully owned and managed by Valve, it goes to say that the Half Life 3 logo was developed by Valve too.

Hence, this confirms that Half Life 3 is in production. After all, the entire Half Life series was developed by Valve and if there is already a logo made, then it is obvious that Half Life 3 is not a dead subject in Valve’s headquarters.

Unfortunately, the buzz became so loud that it got Valve to remove the Half Life 3 logo through a quick update. Regardless, the damage has already been done but unfortunately, everyone is still clueless on when Half Life 3 will be ready for a release.

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