Half Life 3 Plotted: Destruction And Deaths Awaits

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the development status of Half Life 3 but not the game’s plot. After waiting for more than a decade for the game, the fans have explored every possible storyline for the game.

For certain, Half Life 3 will start with the Borealis being acquired by the Combine. The game’s antagonist will then find a way to power up the weapon of mass destruction. However, the Combine will meet a resistance in their agenda that is led by the protagonist, G-Man and Alyx.

Half Life 3 will conclude with the player being able to destroy the Borealis and stop the war once and for all. The destruction of the Borealis will simply force the Combine into full retreat, thus, restoring the peace in the universe.

Of course, there will surely be plenty of climaxes happening along the way like the deaths of important characters. Also, some climaxes could also lead to a possible sequel coming in the future.

Nevertheless, the plot that carries the most certainty is as per above. The predicted storyline for Half Life 3 is based on Half Life 2’s ending and also, the fan-made Half Life film. All that is left now is for Valve to start working on Half Life 3 and restore the peace in the gaming industry.

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