Half Life 3 Likely Storyline Comes With Deaths

It seems that Half Life 3 fans know more about the game’s plot than the game’s release date. Well, this cannot be helped as the fans have been kept waiting for more than ten years to see Half Life 3 get released but even today, Valve has yet to shed the slightest bit of detail for the title.

Nevertheless, the plot seems to have been confirmed if fans are to take the hint from the Half Life film. It will start off with the Combine acquiring the Borealis and throughout the game, the alien race will learn on how to work the weapon of mass destruction.

Amidst the destruction, the protagonist, together with Alyx and G-Man will be acting as the resistance as they look to destroy the Borealis once and for all. Eventually, they will be accomplishing the mission and force the Combine into a full retreat.

Of course, something that epic will be anti-climactic if there are no deaths involved on the good side. As such, players can look forward to seeing either the G-Man or Alyx, or both becoming the casualties of war.

Then again, the details on the plot are still scarce and are pending confirmation from Valve. Let’s just hope that happens soon since everyone is growing tired of the wait.

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