Half Life 3 Hopes Hanging On Source 2’s Development

After being put to more than a decade of wait for Half Life 3, fans agreed that the long delay is due to Source 2 game engine. There is simply no other possible explanation to justify the long waiting period which the fans are going through.

Even today, Source 2’s development is still pending for completion. Fans believe that until the game engine is developed, Valve won’t be starting on Half Life 3’s production. This is because Source 2 is a compulsory mechanism if Valve wishes to offer the best gaming experience on Half Life 3.

With gaming hardwares all beefed up and HD-ready, Valve is obliged to optimize Half Life 3 with today’s gaming demands. This requires the need of a new game engine or else, Half Life 3 will look graphically poor and content limited.

Unfortunately, Valve is not enthusiastic about Half Life 3’s production. If they are, Source 2 would have been completed by now and thus, all that will be left is the development of the highly anticipated sequel. Then again, the reality of the matter is that Valve is more focused to publishing B-grade games and managing Steam rather than giving Source 2 their undivided attention.

As it stands, Source 2 is still pending completion and its status is unknown to the masses. Nevertheless, once Valve announce on Source 2 availability, they will surely start working on Half Life 3.


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