Half Life 3 GDC Announcement Unlikely To Happen

Half Life 3 has been a subject of a huge buzz last month after a leak from Valve got fans to believe that the game is already in production. Furthermore, the rumours too are rife in indicating that Half Life 3 will get announced this year and a section of them are pointing to GDC.

While it all sounds possible, we feel that GDC’s announcement is unlikely to happen. This is because the event is designed for manufacturers to unveil their new technologies and not games. While Valve might have booked a slot at the event, they will probably use their time to talk about their VR headset project.

Also, considering that Half Life 3 is going to be really huge when announced, it deserves a better event than GDC. Valve is surely aware of this and they will definitely talk about Half Life at E3. Let’s hope it happens this year.

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