Half Life 3: First Words From Gabe

Half Life fans have never stopped waiting for Half Life 3, even after they have been put on hold for more than 10 years already. Well, their patience is about to pay off after earlier today when Gabe started talking about Half Life 3.

The co-creator of Valve and founder of Half Life shared in a short interview that he was surprised by the strong demand for Half Life 3. Upon acknowledging the anticipation shown by the fans, Gabe broke the bitter news by claiming that Half Life 3 is not in development and it won’t come anytime soon.

Unfortunately, Gabe ended the Half Life 3 discussion following that statement. However, fans can still take some positive from Gabe’s words like how the lad failed to deny that Half Life 3 will be produced.

With Gabe already showing signs of cracks with his secrets, there is no doubt that Half Life 3 is in Valve plans further in the future. Despite that fact, fans will still have to continue their wait for the game.


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