Half Life 3 Fans Prepare Your Questions!

The fans of Half Life 3 having been begging Valve for an answer for the longest time. Even if it was to confirm that no Half Life 3 was ever going to arrive. Well, they might get their chance soon as Gabe Newell has just confirmed that he will be conducting an AMA on Reddit.

Gabe Newell, the boss of Valve should have all the answer. According to the report, the AMA will be happening on the 17th of January and will start at 3 PM PT or 6 PM ET on Reddit.

Of course, there is no guarantee that he will give the Half-Life fans the answer they need but at least this is another opportunity to try to get him to reveal more about Valve future plans and to see if Half Life is part of it or not.

What else are you hoping he will discuss during the AMA?

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