Half Life 3: Being Sceptical Can Be Rewarding

If there is a way to get Valve to produce Half Life 3, it is through developing conspiracy theories for the game. This is agreed by many Half Life fans during a discussion which took place at an online forum yesterday.

The idea was brought forward after fans took Portal 2 as an example of Valve behaviour towards announcing an upcoming title. The upcoming game, Portal 2, was revealed on an ARG, in the form of an Easter egg. Clearly, Valve has some fun and unique ways to pre=announcing games.

If such a habit is to be applied on Half Life 3, then fans’ best hope is with conspiracy theories. Perhaps, Valve is waiting for someone to come up with the right theory before proudly confirming that Half Life 3 is in development.

The Half Life fans have been waiting more than a decade for Half Life 3 and there is still no sign of the game coming. As such, fans have nothing to lose so there is no harm in trying this method out. With that being said, Half Life fans should not delay any further and start creating conspiracy theories right away.


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