Half Life 3: Are We Looking At The Wrong Place?

10 years. That’s the length of time which fans of the Half Life series have gone through in waiting for Valve to produce Half Life 3. Even today, there is still no sign of the game coming at all.

Some might blame it on the Source 2 game engine development. Meanwhile, others are putting the bounty on Valve’s publishing platform, Steam. The gaming network is so huge that it is forgivable if Steam is the source of the delay in Half Life 3’s production.

With that being said, there is a chance that Valve simply couldn’t find the free time and is willingly outsourcing Half Life 3’s development to a third party game developer.

An industry analyst from Ubisoft San Francisco revealed that this is not impossible and if Valve is to do as suggested, then the most probable name on the market is Gearbox. The latter has featured in most of Valve’s project and it is only fitting if it gets the rights to create Half Life 3.

For the fans, every possibility is taken as a certainty. This is why we have to advise fans to take this with a pinch of salt. We will try to check with Gearbox and will update hear if we discover anything fruitful.

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