GTA 5 Online Heists DLC: More Interesting Intel Revealed

Somewhere in the near future, Rockstar will be launching a brand new DLC called Cops n Crooks. Unlike most other content update, this upcoming DLC has got so much anticipation, due to it being the multiplayer heist missions everyone has been waiting for.

The Heist DLC will come with many missions for players to participate in. The list includes Prison Van Rescue Mission, Hostage Deal Mission, Stealing Artefacts From a Military Base Mission and Weapons Deal Mission.

In detail, the Prison Van Rescue requires the players to save their gang member trapped in a news van while being chased by the cops. As for the Hostage Deal Mission, players will have to negotiate hostage exchanges with the enforcers.

The discovery was made by YouTube superstar, Dom. The lad had just shared a video which detailed his findings. Even though GTA 5 had just arrived on the Xbox One and PS4, Dom claims that the Heist DLC will be pushed out across all-platforms at the same time.


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