GTA 5 For PC Has Many More Features To Offer

Unlike previous GTA titles that are launched to the PC, the upcoming GTA 5 won’t simply be a port over title. Rockstar has confirmed that the game will be tailored for the PC platform which means that the title is going to require a lot more than just a standard rig to run.

In detail, Rockstar confirmed that GTA 5 for the PC is developed by the same team that create the Max Payne trilogy. The latter came out with some solid performance and high-end technicalities. As such, it is safe to assume that GTA 5 is going to offer something similar.

As a matter of fact, GTA 5 on the PC will have more to offer than those on the Xbox One and PS4. The game is tipped to arrive with increased resolution, graphic detail, advanced damage, weather effects and greater draw distance.

Then again, nobody has a clue on GTA 5’s minimum specs. Of course, fans can look forward to learning more when the game nears its release later this month.


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