Ford Fiesta RS: Blue Oval Offers Some Hope

Ford knows that the fans want to see a Ford Fiesta RS and according to Matthias Tonn, the Chief Program Engineer of Ford Fiesta ST, there is definitely room for it in the range. Does that mean that it will be happening?

Despite him agreeing that there is room, he added that they won’t be developing it. Ford had made it clear a few times now that they have no plans to offer the Fiesta RS despite the demands.

While we won’t be seeing the Fiesta RS, Tonn did say that they will be offering something for powerful than the ST model here in the future. The new model will be as powerful as the ST200 that Ford is currently offering in Europe.

Whatever it is, the vehicle is not going to arrive anything soon since we still have to wait for a year before the Ford Fiesta ST arrives. If there is going to be a more powerful model, it would be after the ST. Protection Status