Final Fantasy XV: Gamescon 2015 Release Date Reveal Is Another Thing

Final Fantasy XV is to be revealed at Gamescon 2015 we know that for sure but are you waiting for news about the game?

Square Enix have made it quite clear that Final Fantasy XV is going to be revealed at the Gamescom this year and they want to make sure that everyone knows about the attention they are giving the game. Recently on their website they laid out the plans for the game and said that it would take centre stage.

So while Final Fantasy XV is going to be revealed, it isn’t the only game that will be revealed there. The PC version of Final Fantasy will make its entrance along with Final Fantasy XV: Heavensward.

What people want to know more than anything about Final Fantasy XV is the release date for the game. There is no doubt that the event is going to be big but can the game actually live up to all the hype that Square Enix are generating? We will have to wait until August 5 to 8 to find out.

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