Fiat Fullback Will Take Part In The SUV Fight As Well?

Fiat has never indicated that they are looking to come out with a new SUV model based on the Fiat Fullback but artist Theophilus Chin thinks that he figured out what it would look like if Fiat decides to take part in the SUV battle as well.

It does feel like every automaker is rushing to release an SUV of their own so we won’t be surprised if Fiat decides to go down that path. The vehicle you see here is the Fiat Fullback SUV.

According to Theophilus, this is how the Fiat Fullback SUV will look like if Fiat decides to turn the Pajero Sport into a Fiat model. The design is based on the Fiat Fullback model also known as Mitsubishi Triton.

The final result looks like a vehicle that should be on the road. Do you think Fiat should consider it? Check out some of the other renderings by Theophilus Chin here. Protection Status