Fallout 4 VGX Announcement Looks More Likely Than Ever!

It has been four years since Fallout New Vegas was released and fans are crying out loud for Bethesda to produce Fallout 4. Well, this looks like happening soon after a new leak suggests that Fallout 4’s announcement is not far away.

The leak came in the form of a picture on a Twitter post by a well-known gaming figure, Geoff Keighley. The lad is a gaming journalist that has hosted multiple gaming events, as well as announcing pre-released titles.

Just yesterday, Geoff tweeted and image of him, having dinner with Bethesda’s head-honchoes. The picture came with a caption “Great night planning with the ladies who run Bethesda. You are missed @DCDeacon.” Unless you’re aware, @DCDeacon is none other than Pete Hines.

Regardless, the big clue here is with the word planning. Looking at Geoff’s schedule, he will be hosting VGX next week. This hints that Fallout 4 might just get announced at the annual gaming event.

Of course, there is no confirmation on this yet so it is best to take it with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, fans should not stop hoping for Fallout 4 to get announced at VGX.


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