Fallout 4 May Ride The Citrus Train After All

Bethesda might have yet to share any details on Fallout 4 but that didn’t stop the franchise original creators from giving away their ideas for the highly anticipated title. Scott Campbell and Rusty Buchert went on an Ask-Me-Anything session at Reddit and was greeted with tons of question on Fallout 4.

Of course, most of the question thrown at them is about Fallout 4’s location as fans wishes to know the possible areas for the game. Instead of naming Boston, both developers teased that the game could take place in the state Florida.

The region will make the perfect setting for mutant gators ad redneck raiders on their swamp-boats. Over at the city area, the enemies will be with the Cajun animals and the voodoo cultists. Surely enough, these addition will make Fallout 4 more challenging than the previous Fallout 3.

As exciting as that may sound, Bethesda remained silent on the status of Fallout 4. In other words, nobody but Bethesda knows on Fallout 4’s details. With that being said, it is still best to take the above as a pinch of salt as they appear to be nothing but mere suggestion of location for the upcoming title.


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