Fallout 4 For Xbox One & PS4: Don’t Expect Great Graphics

Fallout 4 might still be an unconfirmed title but when it does get produced, the game will surely make its debut on the Xbox One and PS4. However, it is a mistake to expect next-gen graphics offered by Fallout 4.

This is because there is a chance for the highly anticipated title to come with lacklustre graphics if Bethesda is to produce it like how they produced Fallout 3. Of course, the latter isn’t graphically bad but it does run on a much older game engine that was built for Elder Scrolls Oblivion.

If the trend is to follow, Fallout 4 could be running on Elder Scrolls Skyrim’s game engine. Yes, Bethesda can improve on the technicalities of Skyrim’s game engine but that wouldn’t be enough to enhance Fallout 4’s graphics when running on the latest gaming hardwares and consoles.

Some might argue that Bethesda will be developing a new game engine for Fallout 4. Well, that doesn’t look like happening since doing so will require years of development, thus delaying Fallout 4 further.

For Bethesda, it is all about the profits and being cost conscious on things. As such, the game developer will definitely utilize Skyrim’s game engine so that it will be easier for them to launch Fallout 4 across all platform.

With that being said, we highly advise fans against hoping for the best in Fallout 4. A low expectation for the game is recommended to avoid a great deal of disappointment when Fallout 4 gets released.


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