Evolve: Risk Paying Off Big Time

The thing with Evolve was that it was just not worth buying. While the idea behind the game was interesting, it wasn’t impressive enough to make everybody want to go out and buy one. However, now that it is free, gamers seems to be rushing to try it out.

After failing to capture the attention of the gamers, 2K and Turtle Rock Studio took a huge risk with the game. They announce that the game will now be offered for free. Ever since the game was open up, the game has received about one million new players.

To celebrate this sudden surge in popularity, the developers will be offering their player a free Griffin’s Blood Eagle Hunter skin. Just make sure you claim them before the 28th of July because that is when the event will be ending.

Turtle Rock Studio promise that they will also port the game to consoles soon but did not reveal when that will be happening.


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