Elder Scrolls V’s Skyrim Switch Future Uncertain

One of the best surprises from the unveiling of the Nintendo Switch was the appearance of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the trailer itself. That has led many fans into believing that the game might be heading to Switch. Why put that game in when it is not going to happen right?

Well, while most of us are convince that Skyrim will eventually be offered on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo and Bethesda are still trying to keep it a mystery. So far, Bethesda has only said that they were happy with work with Nintendo for the video trailer but they did not reveal any more details about the game that they will be offering in the future for Switch.

Having third party publishers like Bethesda working with Nintendo is a huge deal. Nintendo always had a reputation of not working well with these publishers and the fact that Bethesda is in the trailer could mean a new journey for Nintendo.

Hopefully, more details will be released soon.

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