Dino Crisis Fans Can Give It A Rest For Now

When Capcom announce that they are looking to bring back some forgotten franchises, some fans thought that the Dino Crisis franchise would be part of their revival plan but Capcom has come out to confirm that Dino Crisis will not be one of the game that they will be reviving.

Of course, with Capcom’s long list of games to consider, we can see why Dino Crisis would be overlooked. Dinosaur games are not really that popular right now despite the Ark and it does not feel like the new players will be interested in it.

However, if Capcom works their magic like what they did with the Resident Evil 7 game, it might still work.

We can speculate and analyze all we want now but Capcom has made it pretty clear. So if Dino Crisis is not one of the games, what other games do you think they would want to revive in the near future?

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