Bioware New IP To See The Light Soon

Bioware has been hinting that they might be working on a new IP but they have been very secretive as to what the IP is all about.

According to EA Studios’ Patrick Soderlund, Bioware new IP will be announced really soon but he did not elaborate or drop hinted about what the new IP could be. Seeing as most of EA’s studios are working on some sort of Star Wars game, the fans think that Bioware might be working on one as well.

So do not know how we are going to feel if it ends up being another Star Wars game but we won’t mind playing it if they do a good job with it. We are just hoping that they would switch things up and come out with something new. What would you like to see from Bioware?

As for when the IP will be announced, we are hoping that it would be before 2016 ends.


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