Best iOS 8 Jailbreak Apps This Month (April)

It is always more rewarding to own a jailbroken iPhones and iPads instead of the stock version of the device since users will get to enhance the iOS with the various tweaks developed by independent developers. This month saw the addition of many new tweaks and here are some of the latest ones that deserve your attention.

1. RecordPause
This tweak basically allows you to pause and resume video recording as and when you please. Also, RecordPause is free to own.

2. Multify
For $5, you can enjoy multitasking in the best fashion since Multify allows you to open apps, resize its screen usage before opening another app. There is no limit on how the number of apps that can run on the screen at the same time.

3. Prenesi
This is another free app that allows Facebook users to download videos from Facebook.

4. Lock Saver
Lock Saver is built to save the iPhone and iPad’s battery juice. It basically disables all the unnecessary power-sucking features every time the device goes into standby.

5. MultiDelete
This tweak is particularly useful for those with a 16GB device. MultiDelete simply makes space managing easier as it allows users to delete multiple apps at one time.

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