Audi Q8 Tells The BMW X6, Mercedes GLE To Go Big Or Go Home

With competitors like BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE, there is no other option for Audi than to go big or they will just get overshadowed by the competition and that is exactly what Audi did with their new Audi Q8.

Audi showed off the Audi Q8 concept at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show this year and based on the latest spy shots, it looks like some of the features from the concept will be making its way over to the production model after all.

It is pretty common for automakers to blow up some of the features on their concept model and then tone it down when it comes to the production model. We all thought that the grille on the concept will get toned down but the test model was clearly still wearing that massive grille.

Other features like the aggressive roofline made it to the production model as well although they did change the headlights of the production model. They also made a few more changes to the back but overall, the vehicle looks quite similar to the concept. Protection Status