ASUS ZenWatch Review: Its Almost There

ASUS might not be a big name in the mobile tech industry but their latest ZenWatch is capturing a lot of attention. The smartwatch was released last week and it is the very first wearable to come from ASUS.

Unlike most other smartwatches, the ZenWatch looks like a natural watch. So instead of turning consumers’ wrist into that of a cyborg, the ZenWatch appears to be more of a fashion statement.

The device is made of stainless steel. The ZenWatch does not have a gear-knob resting at its side but it does come with a button that is hidden underneath the watch. As for the screen, it runs on 320x320p resolution. This makes it no different to the LG G Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Gear Live.

Feature-wise, the ZenWatch is able to unlock the smartphone it is paired with, view pictures, offer basic medical functions and remote camera. In addition to that, ZenWatch users can swipe through the screen instead of relying on OK Google to operate the device.

Unfortunately, ASUS don’t offer a wide array of selection with the ZenWatch. In other words, the device is not customizable. Consumers can either get the brown ZenWatch or the ones that are grey in colour.

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